one confusing juggling act

Life came with no instructions. Nor did high school. Kids are constantly working at school, learning and investing in their future, then going home to do homework, and trying to maintain a certain stature in their community of friends. High school students have little time as it is, but then there are extra curricular activities that take away almost all the free time a High School student has. with the combination of clubs and after school practices, there’s not enough time to invest 100% in school and do homework before its due.

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I am a High School student and sometimes I have too much going on to do homework. i try my best to listen and do well in class, but after class i have: 4 hour practice for marching band, 1-2 hour practice for MMA, chores at home, and 1-2 hours of homework. That means I have a minimum of 6 hours of work before i can do anything for myself. MINIMUM! I usually don’t sleep until about 11, and that’s early in High School. There are plenty of students that don’t sleep until 1 or later, sometimes pulling all-nighters just so they don’t fall behind in class.

It’s no wonder kids are stressed out! Life isn’t that easy, and competition gets harder and harder. Kids aren’t getting enough sleep either. Doctors say the most important hours of sleep are the ones before midnight. Some kids aren’t getting any hours of sleep before midnight. This not only takes a toll on them in class, but also in their own health.

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High School is tough no matter how you slice it. I give props to all the students giving 110% to maintain good grades in school and doing everything they possibly can to stay on top of their game. Major props.

We can only hope its gets easier, and pray that we don’t spiral down into a life we don’t enjoy living. I always try to make sure i don’t work myself to death. Always find time for your self. It’s hard to do this today, but that’s how we can all learn to enjoy living, even when we are working our asses off. Smile everyday, because you’ve come a long way and you still have great times coming your way!

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