Sitting ducks

Now that the U.S. Government is split between republicans in senate and a democrat in office, what’s gonna get done? Is Obama now just a sitting duck waiting for the senate to undo everything he’s worked on? Obama isn’t exactly a favored president, but he has helped America and now that the government is divided, things may turn to shit.


Senate will most likely disagree with everything Obama wants to do, mostly because they have opposing views. Obama does have the option to make an executive decision and make a law without senate’s consent, but senate can just as easily revoke the law once it is put into place.


Many people may not like Obama, after all, he isn’t very popular right now, but he is our president, voted in by the people of America, and now he can’t do anything for us. Obama is on his last two years before his final term is up, and he has to leave a legacy behind. With the government divided, he will be known as the president that couldn’t do anything his last years as president. That’s something no president wants.

Obama also needs to help America, and now he can’t. Anything Obama sees fit for us will be rejected by senate and anything senate sees fit will be rejected by the president. This is a problem, not for our government, but for everyone in America. With government unable to function smoothly, everyone in America now has to function without a leader or any other leaders because they’re all arguing over whats right for America.


It’s interesting, and scary, to imagine how are government works. I really hope America doesn’t decline is the next two years. Believe it or not, we have made a lot of progress in the last several years and I would hate to see everything we’ve done go down the drain.



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