My entire life, I’ve had a pet. I usually had more than one at a time and when one passed away, i got a new one. It’s amazing how people can find such great companionship in animals that can’t speak english and can’t communicate with us.But, pets are usually a lot of unnecessary work and money. Having any pet can be tough, not just money wise, responsibility wise. I’ve loved all my pets, but as i got older i realized how much work it takes to own pets and maintain them.

pets62% of American households have at least one pet.

Weather the pet be dog, cat, fish, bird, etc., they all can be a burden sometimes. And they may be great companions, but every pet owner can agree that owning a pet can be a pain sometimes.


I personally LOVE animals (especially puppies) and I would recommend owning a pet. No matter if it has paws, gills, or wings they will teach you a new way to appreciate, love, and live. Go find a companion and live like you’ve never done before with a new friend and family member.


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