what keeps us going?

What inspires you? What makes you get back up and finish something when you’ve been knocked down on your butt? Do you inspire others?


Life’s not all fun and games but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth playing! And let me tell you why.

Life is full of bonds we make with other people. friends, parents, relatives, siblings, and nice strangers all can set a smile on your face and little acts of love and kindness can make anyone smile. A few bumpy roads shouldn’t deter you from living out without fear. The bigger the mountain that’s overcome, the better the ride down hill is.

I remember a few times I didn’t want to listen to anyone, and I just wanted to run off and live on my own because people can be annoying. But everyone you know has helped you once or twice before and smiles were shared. That’s the best feeling, making memories with friends.


Another great thing is when you make someone else smile. When you inspire others, they can do great things because of you. and when you are inspired, you can also do great things. It’s great when you open up and do your best.

Climb every mountain and overcome every road. Don’t be discouraged, be inspired. And don’t forget to inspire on your way.


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