There are groups everywhere around us. We can start small, with groups of friends, and go up and up to political parties.

We feel really comfortable in smaller groups of friends but as groups get bigger and bigger we tend to hide ourselves more and more.


Why do people feel shy around people they don’t know? Is it because we are afraid of being judged? Why aren’t we more open and outgoing? I belive life wasnt meant to live cautiously.


How can we come out of our shells and be the people we want to be, and how do we be our selves? We can either sit around and hope an opportunity presents its self and pray we are brave enough to take it, or we can take a leap into the abyss of the unknown and keep doing it until you get exactly what you want. No one wants to see a chance slip by and wonder if another chance will ever come.


I like to think like of songs and how they can motivate or talk about being your self even when you don’t feel comfortable. And, songs can also talk about taking life by the throat and living like you want to, never missing and opportunity.


The original post came from here! Check it out and see how we compare, similarities and differences.


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