I love eating

FOOD! What’s so wrong with going out and trying new things? Nothing! I can’t begin to describe how much I love trying food I’ve never tried before, or finding a new favorite dish. But I can try, right?

Ever since I was a little kid, I was always trying to find the weirdest thing on the menu. My parents encouraged me to try new things and to be adventures and I think that’s why I eat what I eat. I won’t say that I have the strangest experience or that I’ve eaten the most exotic food, but I will describe what I love to do.


I love sushi. Any kind of sushi you can think of, I’ve eaten it, and if not I’ll try it. My favorite by far is ahi or tuna. Me and my dad both love this and we always have two pieces of ahi after we go out for sushi and we call it our dessert. So I guess you can say we both love it.


Pho, a Vietnamese soup, is also delicious! There are so many different things you can put into the soup from seafood, to meet, and vegetables. My favorite is any house combo that includes everything.


Who doesn’t like ice cream or frozen yogurt?! There are so many places that offer ice cream and frozen yogurt, but I search for the places that offer the strangest flavors I’ve heard of. Some ice cream and frozen yogurt flavors I’ve eaten that I find strange are garlic, cricket, and grass. All of these weren’t exactly delicious but I would recommend that everyone try it at least once.


One thought on “I love eating

  1. Hey Austin!!! I enjoyed how you expressed your feelings on food and how you recommended which ones to try. I never knew they put seafood in pho even though I am Vietnamese and I think I’m going to try it out. Keep up the good work!


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