Oh boy, that’s awkward. What could possibly make things worse. Well, don’t count out the random rogue roller coaster that could fly out of nowhere and hit you. 

Last year in my English class, I had to read a book and present it. My teacher sold me on the book and I was excited to read the book my teacher descried to me. There was just one problem. The book that was suppose to have a suspenseful plot and funny story line, but it was slow, boring, and unappealing. Of course, I didn’t read it even though my presentation was due in just a few days. I used the ever so helpful Spark notes and I didn’t fail!  But just after, my teacher came up to me and asked why i had missed a part in the book that she thought was important. I had the most unfortunate experience when I had to explain why I missed the main character being raped. Since I didn’t read the book, and I saw nothing about this in Spark notes, I had to bull shit my way through this awkward situation. Lucky for me I have trained for this my whole life. I made it out O.K. but my teacher was a little speculate. I made my way through that awkward situation all right and I will probably make my way through many more. I have yet to fail, but hopefully I don’t fail too much!



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