Travel The World

I’m pretty lucky. I’ve traveled to a lot of places on this planet. Most of my destinations have been in the U.S. and that’s more than a lot of others can say, but I’ve also gone to other countries. I’ve been to  the Dominican Republic and Fiji and Canada and they were all great times I got to share with my family. 

When I went to Fiji, I stayed on a tiny island with just on road going in a circle around the island. The water was warm and clear, there was a huge mango tree where I stayed, and the people were so nice. I remember bringing four books with me for my two-week stay. There was no electricity so I didn’t have a TV or a phone so I was planning on swimming or reading A LOT. I read through all my books in the first couple of days. I game my mom plenty of grief the rest of the trip because I asked if I could bring more but she said no. I also got to go to a tiny village on the island and have dinner with the people who were native there. It was such a learning experience! The people were so nice and happy. What was really amazing was that they were living together, having great times, and they had no technology. It was eye-opening. I also got to give the little schools supplies like Crayola and paper. We even brought candy. The people were so excited. The little things I don’t find important made these people so happy. It was amazing.

fiji-MMAP-mdFiji-flightaustralia Fiji was Amazing! I would recommend a trip here to anyone!

For one of my grandfather’s birthdays, my family went on a cruise to Alaska and traveled down the coast to Canada and then back home to the U.S. There were icebergs all around us and we got to go onto one of them. it was super cool. It wasn’t as cold as you might expect though. I thought it would be below freezing and I’d have to where a million layers and a huge snow jacket because I’m from southern California where its sunny and warm all the time. It wasn’t all that cold, I got to spend time with my family, and the trip and things we did were great experiences.


I’ve also gone to the Dominican Republic, just south of Florida, in the Caribbean Sea. My family and I stayed in a hotel right by the water, so we went swimming a lot. The water was warm and clear so I had no complaints. Southern California water isn’t clear and it’s always cold so I had no right to complain. We got to bargain for souvenirs, we went on boats to different destinations, and we went scuba diving. It was amazing! I would definitely go again if I could.


I hope to travel to many more places before I die. Something on my bucket list is to travel to every country in the world. Obviously that’s going to be very difficult, but I will try to make it happen!


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