The Unescapable Sounds

I play tuba in my High School band, and I love playing music. Tuba players basically have a license to be stupid. One of the great perks! Music is a big part of my life, and I can’t think of my life without it.

I started playing tuba in eighth grade when my band teacher decided to hand me a tuba and asked me to try it. I fell in love with the instrument after a couple of days and haven’t stopped loving it! I march with my tuba, in field shows and parades, and I play in a concert setting too. I love all of it, and I love every type of music. There’s different types of music you would play in each setting, but concert pieces tend to be more difficult and sound way better.


In a concert setting, a lot of the music is just playing with good tone quality. This comes from listening to everyone around you and trying to blend your sound with theirs. It’s very difficult when u start to get to larger groups of 100-500 players. In my High School band, we have about 50 people in our chamber group. It’s not too hard because I am close and can hear the detail in each instrument, and I can hear what they are playing. Honor band is a little harder. This is a chamber group composed of everyone in the whole school district who was good enough to make it in. We had a little more than 100 people this year. The sound we produced was amazing! We all were there because we wanted to be. We practiced and practiced so when the concert came, we were more than ready to blow everyone away. Are hope is to sound as close to a professional band as possible.


this is a great piece we played last year and we didn’t sound too far from this professional recording.

During Christmas, There’s a great program that goes on all around the United States called Tuba Christmas. This is a tittle organization that invites anyone who plays a tuba or euphonium to come by specified places at a certain time and we just play music for who ever wants to listen. It’s the most fun I’ve ever had in a musical setting! At Downtown Disney, in Southern California, there’s about 500 musicians that come down and play. The ages vary drastically and the skill also varies. We all get together and play music we haven’t practiced, we hangout and have lunch together and have fun, and we put on an amazing performance with people you’ve never met. The great thing is, we are so excepting of everyone no matter who you are or where you came from and we can all be best friends just because we have such a strong passion for playing music.


When I started to really love playing my tuba, I remember asking my teacher why she became a music teacher. She told me something along the lines of wanting to culture the music and musicians of the next generation. She also told me something I will never forget. She told me that we don’t need music teachers. We can agree a drum is a musical instrument and the sound it produces is music. Well then if we didn’t have a music teacher, we would still know music because everything makes sound, and that’s all music is. The right combinations of sounds. Even someone who can’t spell their name, can understand what music is because they can hear the different sounds of life coming together in a world-wide symphony constantly on play. A simple tap on a rock can be the equivalent to a drum being hit. Music is everywhere and it’s impossible to escape it. But why would you want to escape anyways?


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