Colors in Surfing

I’ve lived in Southern California my whole life, so everything that happens here never really catches me off guard. Well not exactly for that reason, but for no real reason at all, I’ve decided to catch people off guard with what I’m doing. Every surfer has their favorite board. Well mine happens to be a nice 6’0″ super brand surfboard. Every now and again, the wax on the board gets dirty from all the build up of sand and other stuff that could get stuck on it. It takes a little effort to clean off all the wax off the board, but it’s not terribly difficult. After I got it all nice and clean, I went down to the surf shop and got some bright colored wax. I’ve seen different colors of wax like black or red but they were dark and didn’t really stand out. The wax I bought was bright and stood out, so I got three different colors, because I was feeling indecisive at that moment, and I went home. I’ve never seen someones board look like mine! All the looks I got at the beach made me laugh too. It was a mixed reaction of “Wow look at that guy with his stupid board” and “Wow look at that cool board”. I plan to keep my board like this for a while, or at least until I get bored of the colors and I feel like mixing it up with other ones.


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