There is about 7 billion people on this planet and about 108 billion people ever, but out of all these people there is only a small group of men and women that demand and deserve respect. The bravery and valor of these members of this select group can only be honored by respecting them and carrying on their dreams and desires. These men and women were the ones who stepped in front of humanity and led us down an unfamiliar new path in hopes of advancing us all.One man who can come to everyone’s mind is doctor Martin Luther King Jr. This man fought his whole life to reach a new and equal world. The advancements he made in the civil rights movement makes him stand out as one of the leaders. One of his partners in this war for civil rights was a brave and courageous woman. The notion of a woman standing up and leading was nearly unheard of in this time, but she did it and she did it well. This woman was Rosa Park. Both these people helped advance America, advanced our civil liberties, and advanced humanity. These two leaders can and will be looked back on as a reference and tool of advancement in any and all parts of the world.


The man who influenced these leaders can’t go without mention and respect. Mahatma Gandhi was MLK Jr.’s teacher and mentor. Although they lived in two different eras, they fought the same battle. Through Gandhi’s work, MLK Jr. was able to implement similar tactics into his fight for civil advancement. These three people were part of the few but fought against the many. Gandhi, MLK Jr., and Rosa Parks were part of this select group of leaders because they were brave enough to stand up for what they thought were right.

“Stand up for what you think is right, even if you’re the only one standing.”

I love this quote, and I try to remember this when ever I come up against someone with an opposing view as me. Gandhi stood up for what he believed in, as MLK Jr. and Rosa Parks did, and history was made.


In the Jewish community, many are getting ready for the holiday of Pesach. On the average seder plate, there is a roasted bone, a boiled egg, horseradish, charoset, parsley, and lettuce. There is just one problem. Everyone does that and everyone fallows it as if it’s a rule, but it’s not a rule. The items on the average plate all represent something larger. Fact is, you can put anything on the plate as long as it represents the same things. as an example, I could switch the horseradish with unsweetened chocolate. Both are bitter, therefore they both represent bitter times people faced in the book of Exodus. A fairly new, but not wrong, thing being added to seder plates is an orange. berkeley-sedar-plate

The story behind this started with Dr. Susannah Heschel. After a lecture given in Miami Beach, a man stood up and angrily denounced feminism, saying that a woman belongs on a bima the way an orange belongs on a Seder plate. To support women’s rightful place in Jewish life, people put an orange on their Passover tables. THIS STORY ISN’T TRUE! The true story isn’t to support women specifically in the jewish community, but it’s to support the LGBT community everywhere. A more in-depth story can be found in this wonderfully articulated blog by Anita Silvert.

A man I personally can’t deny respect to is a former president. JFK is this man. There is just something about the way he handled problems and spoke to america that can’t be easily mimicked. The phrases he spoke can echo through the hallways of classrooms today. There are posters around the U.S.A. with JFK and some of his quotes.


His speech in Texas during the space race is something I could watch over and over again. The way he articulates every word and phrase I find to be similar to the way a snare drum is hit, to the point and always heavy and impactful.

Now, there are many more men and women that can be mentioned and honored, but these few are my favorite. There are so many men and women throughout history that demand and deserve respect. These people need to be honored, and we all need to learn about them. All the names in our history classes are the names of these people who deserve respect. This world was not created by those who wish to look back on the past instead of embracing the future. Those who’ve had the courage to look forward and walk the new path are the ones who rode the first waves of advancement. Respect is one of the few things we can give to honor such brave souls.


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