Lightsabers Among Us

With the new Star Wars movie soon upon us, I find it necessary to look at one of the most famous and popular science fiction weapons known to man. The lightsaber.  The lightsaber is more than just popular, it’s also one of the strongest weapons that you can find in ones hand. Making these notable weapons is pretty difficult in the Star Wars saga. It involves a lot of components, one of which is a crystal found in the handle. The crystal is notoriously difficult to obtain.

This explains everything you need to know about the lightsaber in the saga, including the many different colors. Yes! There are dozens on colors. Cool, right?

Well, I love theoretical physics. One man I like, not just because of his hair, is Michio Kaku. He is a theoretical physicist. He went out on a quest to figure out how to make a real lightsaber.

He finds a way, that seems plausible in every way, to create a real working lightsaber. Amazing, right?! I recommend watching the video. He can explain much better than I can. Basically, he fans a laser out through a pipe with holes. A current of electricity restrains the laser in the well-known blade shape.


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