What can you do in one day?

On a little road trip down the east coast of America, I went through five states in one day. I peed in all five, in just one day. Now that’s a feat, right?

Most of my family lives on the east coast of America. I’m on the west coast. It’s hard to see my family because they’re so far away, but it’s always great when I do. Another hurdle to get over is that they’re all spread out over the coast. some are in Main, some are in New Jersey, and some are in Florida. I get to see all of them every now and again, but not very often. So, one time, my family decided to drive all around and see most of them in just one trip. As we drove, my mom threw out the idea that it’d be funny if we peed in five states in a single day. We made it happen. As we drove, we made sure to stop at a rest area in every state we drove through that day.


It’s just a stupid story, but it’s something I will probably always remember! I mean, who can say they peed in five states in a single day? I can! We also had a good time visiting our family. It was a great story, stupid as it may be, and it will probably be something I tell my kids as we try to recreate it in the future.


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