Travel The World

I’m pretty lucky. I’ve traveled to a lot of places on this planet. Most of my destinations have been in the U.S. and that’s more than a lot of others can say, but I’ve also gone to other countries. I’ve been to  the Dominican Republic and Fiji and Canada and they were all great times […]

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Oh boy, that’s awkward. What could possibly make things worse. Well, don’t count out the random rogue roller coaster that could fly out of nowhere and hit you. 

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Express You

I’m a 16-year-old boy and went to Washington D.C. in January of 2015 with the Religious Action Center (RAC) to express my views with senators and representatives on hot political topics. The point in having hundreds of teenagers support their personal views wasn’t to push them into a party but to teach them how to share their […]

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Hit The Lip

I surf, a lot. Surfing is amazing. The ocean can be less so. The ocean is cold but comforting, unforgiving but trustworthy, dangerous but beautiful, and respectable above all else.

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I love eating

FOOD! What’s so wrong with going out and trying new things? Nothing! I can’t begin to describe how much I love trying food I’ve never tried before, or finding a new favorite dish. But I can try, right?

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There are groups everywhere around us. We can start small, with groups of friends, and go up and up to political parties.

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